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What is DASL?

ProgressBook StudentInformation (formerlly known as DASL) is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive web-based student information management and decision support system solution for Pre K-12 schools. For information please visit



Testimonials from Users

"Very easy to understand.  DASL is very intuitive and does not require a SIS/EMIS person to interpret data for you.  The navigation is like many other web-based software and is very easy to use.  DASL is flexible enough to meet our data needs now and in the future."

"DASL makes my job easier!"

"...Appreciate its efficiency and logic.  DASL has been developed by taking into account what the needs of the practitioners are and that has led to many positive changes in the system as it has developed.  I view DASL as a tool that saves time in gathering, updating and verifying the data that is so important for State reporting and school improvement purposes."

"I seem to have more time on my hands with DASL!"